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Phoenix by Incantata Art

Part Three: The Phoenix

Part Two drew a parallel between Ra & Hathor, and Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryen. This parallel will be the key for interpreting the relationship between the Goddess and the Hero in general. The Dragon symbol brings together various aspects of the feminine power: its destructiveness, represented as Fire, and its creativeness, represented as the Dragon Egg, origin of the new world.

The Phoenix

It is said that the Phoenix is a majestic bird of fiery plumage that is reborn from its own ashes every 500 years. As the end of its life cycle approaches, the Phoenix builds a nest of rare…

Part Two: The Dragon

Part One was an introduction to Egyptians myths. the Sun God Ra and the Goddess Hathor are in eternal war against the chaos demon Apep, a manifestation of the Ouroboros. They die and are reborn in an endless cycle of resurrection.

Fire and Blood

And then came the end of the era of Ra, Sun God and Apex of the Pyramid. His people felt he had grown old and distant, his system had become corrupt and unjust¹. Rebellion was brooding. When the gods learned about the conspiracy, they resolved to unleash the Eye of Ra, as the goddess Hathor, on their own people…

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Part One: The Indestructibles

In the Intro, a question was raised about the recent proliferation of hyper-powered feminine characters, threatening total destruction: who is their common mythological ancestor? Can there be a general interpretation for these stories?

The Wheel

Yesterday there was a dead mantis on the side of the road. Day after day, the remaining of its body disappeared. Eaten, decomposed, eroded and washed away. If each molecule in that body could be traced like a firefly, and the collective motion played as a movie, you’d watch the luminous body of the mantis losing definition, and then dispersing like a shapeless cloud into its surroundings…

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Kali by Ankush Sharma

Intro: Signs of the Times

This is the first of a series of articles about super-powered feminine characters. Fictional works of recent years have been concentrating on this kind of characters as if there is something about them we haven’t quite dug up yet. These women wield magic, fire, and psychic abilities, punctually threatening destruction and revolution. They are sorceresses, androids, mutants and aliens, more than mere humans. Each of them has a significant relationship with her masculine counterpart — or a significant lack thereof.

This story is 98% true. The remaining 2% does not concern my bike: I would never lie about my bike.

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Photo by Israel Sundseth on Unsplash

Staring at the bottom of the shoes you’re about to wear for 25 seconds straight is a bit much, if you’re late for work. The soles told a story about 100-thousand steps past worn out. And the inside of the shoes didn’t argue any better: the weight of my body, delivered through the talons, had been carving through the first layer and into the white below, leaving deep circular marks. The main dignifying trait of these working shoes, the color…

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Photo by Bryan Goff on Unsplash

By the spider catching flies

At the rising of the tides

By the chrysalis that blooms

At the passing of the moons

All the poison in my vein

I give back to whence it came.

I don’t need

The mirror black

So you can have that back.

I don’t want

Your inner voice

Commenting every choice

It said nothing

Worth a say

I will send it back your way

Your image,

Carved in rock

I should have

Never bought.

Seed so light

When it was new

Now taking half


I’ll give it back to you.

And then this…

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Photo by Arūnas Naujokas on Unsplash

Oh Basil, full of pride

Marvel of my eyes

You stand beneath sun

Like manhood of the young

Like firm young lady’s breast

To bloomers there’s no death

Unless of course you find

That corner of my mind.

It was mid of July

When while my wings were spread

Illness came of size.

Shiny Basil’s head

Was dotted yellow instead

Acknowledgment can’t come

While flying towards the sun.

So after came day fifth

I couldn’t fix a cure

But could be sharp and swift:

Scissors in the night,

Holding leaf with left

Shaking still my right.

“How dare you thus…

This movie intertwines two stories: the first, is a military mission in a quarantine zone, a science-fictional setting; the second, shown in flashbacks, is the dramatic story of a couple. The main character is the same in both stories: Lena.

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The Conflict

Lena married a soldier, Kane. There is love and tenderness between them, but he’s often absent, away on dangerous missions. Eventually, she has an affair with Dan, a man with which she shares a sexual and an intellectual connection. Her betrayal is discovered though, and she is eaten away by guilt. …

Mattia Perozzi

Locked box of a million stories.

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